Appearance features of silicone rubber self-adhesive tape


Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape color: black, white, blue, red, yellow
Main applications: used for transformer, coil, electromechanical, automobile wire harness, motor lead sealing, no paint, rubber and plastic cable terminal and intermediate connection insulation protection and communication cable joint insulation seal. It is one of the few new products of insulating tape in China. Waterproof treatment of roofing, waterproof underground, waterproof treatment of structural construction joints and high polymer waterproof rolling material lap seal for new construction projects; Sealing and waterproof treatment of construction joints of subway tunnel structure in municipal engineering; Color pressure plate joints at the air - tight, waterproof, shock - reducing. Air - tight, waterproof and shock - reducing at the joints of the solar panel project.
Good chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. It has good adhesion, waterproofing, sealing, low temperature resistance and follow - up, dimension stability. The construction process is simple
After this product with objects around, if by high temperature 180 ℃, the hamonious adhesive tape, make it more sticky never fall off.