How to configure silicone rubber self-adhesive tape


Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape is 1.47 g/cm3. Of the fluorinated silicone rubber 100 respectively with boron nitride powder (Japan's letter, the company of products: KBN - h - 10), 100, 150 and 230 (BN let integral rate are 40%, 50% and 60% respectively), and the above 25 copies of fumed silica in a kneading machine, with the same conditions of mixed with three kinds of rubber, vulcanization forming in the same conditions and evaluate the performance, the results listed in table 7-26.
Tetramethyldisiloxane complex (platinum mass fraction is 10%), 0.05 parts 1-acetylene cyclohexanol, 1.0 parts methyl sealant (CHshSO/HCHtSO copolymer (concentration of s-h group is 7.0nl /kg), mixed on a double-roll machine, and formed into a blended silicone rubber 11 with moulded extrusion.
The mixed silicone rubber 11 was vulcanized for 5 min under the condition of 150x: to make a 2 mm thick test piece and measure the physical properties. The silicon rubber tube with the inner diameter of 16 mm and the outer diameter of 24 mm was made by the extruder with the screw diameter of 60 mm. The tube was then vulcanized for 18 s in the hot air vulcanizing furnace with continuous entry of 250 C to observe whether the vulcanized products had bubbles.